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A Rowan Wool Birthday Gift

When you make things for a living it becomes an addiction that spills out into the rest of your life. I become excited by materials and possibilities. So much so that my home is filled with as many unfinished projects as completed ones, just ask my fiance Joe. That is the is the first time I have referred to him as that and it just made me feel very soppy.

I have always loved colour and texture so it is no surprise that I love Rowan Wool. Rowan are much more than just wool, they produce numerous wonderful design books and a magazine, in addition to this they have created a fantastic online knitting community as you can see on their website on the link provided above. There are some really nice free patterns on their site also, take a look.

I wanted to make a birthday present for my friend Charlie. Charlie has a fantastic and unique style and often wears her own creations so I wanted to make her an accessory that was not run of the mill. I decided to make a scarf with a little twist. I kitted a scarf in stocking stitch from Rowan’s country range. I made the scarf narrower than I normally and extra long so that it became more of an adornment than a practical winter woolie. I decided to line the scarf with a contrasting patterned fabric. A slow hand sewing task but well worth it and made it look like this;

…and folded up it looked like this
February 4, 2011