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I have been crafting for as long as I can remember. Afternoons spent with my granny, learning traditional Indian embroidery, creating toys and games from matchboxes or old corks meant that I ended up being ahead of the curve when it came to up-cycling. These early days influenced how I approach using creativity today,

“Why buy it when you can make it yourself?”

I have been cooking almost as long as I have been crafting. I love to create contemporary takes on classic dishes such as steamed pudding with star anise and saffron, you can’t be a Northern lass without being able to make a grand steamed pudding! I love to combine flavours and my Indian heritage ensures that I always have an exotic smelling kitchen. My wanderlust helped me further develop my love of far flung spices. Over the years I have traversed the globe living, working and holidaying in Central and South America, North Africa, Indonesia and South East Asia. What better way to bring the memories of your travels home with you than to fill your home and belly with the tastes and smells from times past.

I started life working in the social care sector, during which time I worked on a number of community art projects. Later I decided to combine my love of crafts and cookery with another of my passions, writing. In 2010 I started this blog, Archie & The Rug, named after my two dogs, Archie and Sam, (aka The Rug), who is sadly no longer with us.

In the last few years becoming a mother of two and having a catalogue of issues with my health I decided that the blog had to change focus, It has always been a reflection of my life and my life focus had shifted so logically the blog had to do the same. Championing slow living and living a creative life is my main focus and exploring the various avenues that will take me down is the journey that I will be documenting here.

Since starting the blog I have written a book, taught courses,  presenting on Channel 4’s, writing articles and recipe development for a variety of organisations. I decided that I need to exist in the world outside of the world wide web a little more than I previously have so I will be available for more talks, presenting and I will be teaching more creative courses so do check out my courses and events page to keep updated.

I now get to split my time living between ta tiny West Yorkshire village and the cultural capital that is Paris. I have a baby boy, a book being published this Autumn, a dog to cuddle & my very own Joe, my time is full of great things at the moment. Thank you for stopping by to learn more about your author.