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 Once the Christmas decorations are taken down the house looks incredibly spartan, time to fill it then. Making your space personal to you with art that no one else will have is incredibly satisfying. You do not have to be a great illustrator/painter to create something unique. Here are 3 ideas for creating individual art, for any skill-set, that you can finish in an afternoon, or should I say crafternoon, yes I must be feeling better I am punning at full strength now – be warned.
I bought these canvas boards as a set of 5 for less than £5 in a budget art shop in the UK. They are only A5 in size but you can work on any medium and in any size you choose to.

1. Words As Pictures:

This is one of my favourite things to is to use script in my art and craft so why not have art made up entirely of words. You don’t have to have a head filled with profound statements or poetic notions I used song lyrics. I wrote across the 3 boards.
2. Walk Around:
This is a really simple thing to do. Simple place your pencil on a random spot and then take it for a walk around the page. There is only one rule finish at the point that you started. Then you need to fill in the gaps. I chose to use blues and an accent of yellow but you could make it really multicolored.
3. Spirograph:
You never grow out of spirograph as far as I am concerned and this time I changed it up by filling in the shapes to create larger solids as well as coloured lines. I kept with the same colourway as the walk around.

There you go three ways to create individual art for your home that anyone can achieve, for little cost and with the added satisfaction of being finished quickly.

January 17, 2014