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I assure you, you will be able to make these felt Christmas ornaments.  Needle felting is an unsung craft but it is surprisingly easy, fast and forgiving. It is impossible to walk into Anthropologie and not fall in love with something, (everything)! It was no surprise that I fell hook line and sinker for these felted letters. Anthropologie are the masters of all things monogrammed.  I first saw them when I was pregnant with Humphrey and had not yet fixed upon a name despite Sebastian calling him Milky City, which stuck for a while. I will buy them when we know I thought. Big mistake because they all sold out.

anthropologie felted letter

When its all sold out craft it!

Needle felting is so simple and fast and yes you will stab yourself with the burred needle. These lovely tree ornaments are a great way of adding a personal touch to your family tree. I love the fact that all of our ornaments have been collected over time, a collection that is still growing. I think that Christmas is made for heirloom items, for stories attached to the smallest of items and a history to your collection. Christmas does not come in a box it is something you create and curate.

felt christmas ornament with embroidery

What are your thoughts on Christmas ornaments, are you a colour coordinated type? I am an explosion of colour type. Vintage glass baubles. Felted woodland creatures, and tinsel. Yes the bloggers faux pas tinsel! We have a tradition where the children get to choose a new tree ornament every year. The thought is that they will have the beginning of their own tree ornament collection when they leave home. At age 5 and 2 the though of them one day leaving is like a giant axe in my heart. It is so masochistic being a parent you bring these people into your home and spend every day filling them with all the skills and love they need to leave you. Hopefully we will fill them with so much joy and love they will always want to visit and not just out of duty. Sentiment aside if house prices and the economy stays the way they are now who am I kidding they are never moving out and we will be tanking the cellar ready for conversion.

For now I am enjoying making memories and family traditions. You should head over to my IGTV to watch the magical Santa steam train video.

felt Christmas ornaments are for life not just for Christmas

The colours that I have chosen and the fact that these letters are not overtly Christmassy they can be used to adorn your home all year round so embrace your inner Justina Blakney,  (my all-time girl crush), and boho your home with felted letters.

multicoloured wool roving pink wool roving with felting needles

you will need;

felt christmas ornament craft tutorial

  1. Gather the main colour you want for the letter and twist and shape it to the letter you want. Start to stab it repeatedly with your felting needle.
  2. Once it is firm start to add more roving in various colours to create patches of other colours.
  3. Once the letter is firm and the size you want it add some embroidery to it. You don’t have to do any specific stitches just make random shapes with the thread.
  4. Once you have finished take a length of thread and secure to the top of your letter. Thread one, two or more mini pompoms for added boho bling.

felt christmas ornament with embroidery detail

I think I am going to hang these from the twisted willw I have put up in the corner of our dining room. They would be equally lovey on door handles. They would make a very cute present topper or eco cracker filler that way you can give those loved ones an extra litlle gift, monogram gift.


Happy Holidays xo

December 17, 2019
January 25, 2020