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I have blue LED lights on my tree this year an when I snapped some shots of it the other day I left my white balance on the daylight setting and I was left with this lovely ethereal glow. As pretty as a tree may be a tree needs gift underneath it. I really enjoy taking my time over gift wrapping. I also like to make my own gift wrap. I went so overboard with ideas this year that I will post my ideas for your gift wrapping in two parts. All of the gifts have been wrapped in an inexpensive brown paper to help keep your Christmas costs down.
Spell It Out; This is a great idea for those with short manageable names, mine would become an issue. Wrapped simply with silver kraft paper and curling ribbon. I used a hot glue gun to fix the scrabble tiles. These can be kept and used in later projects. No waste here.
Say It With A Song; There are many wonderful Christmas songs out there so why not use those words to give your paper festive flare. I chose a pale blue pen which gives a very subtle feel on top of the silver paper, however you can go for a bolder colour combination. I topped this parcel with one of the paper bows from my previous post.
With Berries On Top; I like many other crafters am left with lots of wool scraps from larger knitting projects. Making mini pom poms is a great way to use that wool up. Red wool wrapped around simple brown paper an topped with the pom poms looks really effective, like red berries on a parcel.
Illustrated; I cut the paper to the size I would need for the gift an then I drew very simple little trees onto the brown paper. Almost a scribble, having a hap-hazard feel to the paper is its charm so don’t worry too much about drawing ability and spacing. Wrapped simply with red and green ribbon.


December 11, 2013
December 13, 2013