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I know it is the 20th but I also know that all your gifts will not be wrapped yet unless you are super organised. Even in my house, and I am told I am ‘annoyingly on the ball’ when it comes to Christmas there is always the odd gift that needs wrapping last minute. Maybe due to the fact you made it and it coud stay wrapped for so long such as some foodie items. Any lets dispense with the excuses and commence with the ideas.
Paper Ribbon: Pictured above sometimes simplicity is best. Simple pieces of contrasting paper folded so they have a neat edge and wrapped around the gift is highly effective. I topped mine off with one of the paper bows I made in a previous post.
Stamp it: Again a really simple paper to create an ink pad and a festive stamp is all you need. I had these snowflakes but you could easily from cheap rubbers as I did in this hand printed journal post earlier this year.
Keep it natural; There are often bits of foliage lying around this time of year, twigs, leaves etcetera. This is a piece that came off my Christmas tree. A really traditional and cheap way to dress a present.
Dress it with a doily: Simply use a glue stick to attach your doily for a pretty lacy effect.

All in the fold: For this you need to have a paper that has a contrasting colour on the other side. Simply cut a little extra paper so that you have enough to make the fold.

Let it snow: This is a really quick way to print up large amounts of paper inexpensively. Using a cork to print snow drops and a little white acrylic paint.

Washi tape joy: here are two idea of how you can use washi tape to decorate your gifts. It is so versatile and easy to make things pretty with.

December 19, 2013
December 20, 2013