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Jam jar sewing kit – craft diy

The holidays may be over but there are so many opportunities to give a gift to a loved one and this sewing kit a really pretty easy and thoughtful gift you can give to someone. You can personalise it to a specific project or colour way that they like also.

you will need;

a jar
glue gun (or other strong adhesive)
collection of buttons/threads/ribbon etc…
Length of ribbon and button to decorate
circle of card
circle of fabric
small amount of toy stuffing
needle and thread


  1. Form your toy stuffing into a ball and hold into the centre of the fabric on the wrong side.
  2. Take your needle and thread and use a running stitch around the edge of the fabric. Once you almost round the circle place the card circle on top of the stuffing to form a base and pull the line of stitching so that it closes around the card and tie off.
  3. Heat your glue gun and use it to attach the card base to the top of your lid and decorate the lid rim with ribbon and a button.
  4. Fill your jar with lovely sewing goodies.

It would be a great little starter kit for a newbie stitcher!

Take Care
Nicolette xo