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You can never have too many decorations in my opinion. Making these mini trees meant that I have easily movable decorations that cold adorn different areas when needed. Such as dressing up those mince pies, hiding in a little nook to make sure Christmas is everywhere, or my personal favourite decorating the presents that are under the tree.
It is easy to think that you have to shy away from any kind of woodwork if you don’t have special tools but you can cut balsa wood with a craft knife.
you will need;
4 pieces of balsa wood cut into a triangle measuring 3inches at the long edge (per tree)
green acrylic paint
glue gun
paint brush
  1. Once the glue gun is heated stick two of the pieces together.
  2. When they are set, this should be almost instant, glue the other two pieces either side to form a tree shape.
  3. Paint your trees. I used two coats of green but you can choose any colour to fit with your theme. You could even try adding a little glitter once they are dry.
December 15, 2013
December 18, 2013