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Make A Winter Wreath – Hobbycraft Collaboration

One of the things that I hear most about Christmas craft, I don’t have time to craft. Not a problem with this wreath. I was excited to be asked to create a holiday wreath for the wonderful folks at Hobbycraft, a shop where I can quite easily run up a hefty overdraft. I had two issues that I needed to combat. The first being that the front door in our apartment is a really ugly colour, oddly enough it is solid wood yet all of the doors in the building have been painted over with a wood effect, very strange. As we are in an apartment block I wanted to make a wreath that was more of a winter wreath rather than a Christmas wreath. Even when you have an ugly door you can still make a perfect wreath.
All of the materials I used can be found in store or online at Hobbycraft.
As the colour of the door could not be changed I decided to spray my wreath white to gain a striking contrast. I drew a star shape onto brown paper and cut out several shapes. Next I unwound lengths of wire and attached the brown paper stars by sandwiching the wire between two stars glued together.
Once I had positioned two of the robins I wound the wire and stars around the wreath. I decided to keep it simple and not add more adornment. I t works really well in the space and I can use it after Christmas as it has more of a wintery feel. The other added bonus is the whole wreath was put together in less than half an hour apart from drying time from the spray paint of course.
November 25, 2014
December 6, 2014