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you can revive almost anything with a little imagination…

When you find an abandoned sofa you have two choices give it a new lease of life or leave it to the landfill, I chose to make a new bed for Archie. Yes this post features the Archie from Archie and The Rug.

cute black dog asleep on a bed

It turns out that stripping the leather from an old sofa was quite an easy job and I was able to save most of it. Archie loves to eat his beds. Not straight away, for months he will enjoy a soft cushion and then one day he will eat it. I will walk in to find a forlorn dog surrounded by destroyed bedding and usually some vomit and poop, as it turns out beds play havoc with his tender tummy. Whilst at age 11 I cannot fathom a reason as to why he has not grown out of such behaviour or why he eventually has a falling out with his beloved bed I have definite thoughts on his inner monologue after the event. “Oh no why did I just do that again, I loved that bed, she is going to be so mad, oh wait, oh no that bed is repeating on me.” Or words to that effect.

My thought is that the tough leather top will be too much for him to destroy, or at least when he starts the fact that it will be harder work to chew will give him a moment to reconsider his actions.

Today not only does the post feature Archie himself but I have also popped my IGTV cherry. If you pop over to my Instagram you will find the video.

You will need;

  • scrap leather
  • stuffing
  • base fabric
  • a sewing machine
  • a dog


  1. Cut your leather to size. After I stripped the sofa I have some other bits left so I will use them to make leather bound journals.
  2. Choose and cut a sturdy base fabric. I used a vintage curtain. You want something that is heavier than standard quilting cotton. I did not have the base layer in leather as two layers of leather would be too thick for my domestic sewing machine.
  3. Place the right sides of your leather and base fabric together and sew together on 3 sides to form an envelope of sorts.
  4. Stuff the space I used a tired old duvet. Old pillows or towels, any of these things would suffice.
  5. Once stuffed fold in the raw edges of the open side. Cut the leather on the crease made from folding in the edge. Doing this means you can stitch it to the turned in base fabric without it being too thick.

Do pop over and comment on my IGTV video please I am pretty chuffed with it and would love to know if I am on the right track with the tutorials or if there are any other suggestions you have I am on a steep learning curve!

getting Archie to sit still for the photo was not as easy as making the bed!