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wooden coaster diy
I have all sorts of scraps in my home; scraps of fabric, scraps of thread, scraps of wool and scraps of wood. I had some scraps that I had been using as sanding blocks, you know the wood that you wrap sandpaper around when you are sanding. The wood scraps were so nice that I decided they were due for an upgrade.
how to make wooden coasters

you will need;

scraps of wood
acrylic paint
polyurethane varnish
set square & saw

wooden coaster diy


  1. Square of your scraps of wood using the set square and saw.
  2. Sand the wood until they are super smooth.
  3. Paint the edges of your wooden squares in different colours.
  4. Allow to dry.
  5. Cover all of the wooden blocks in a layer of varnish.
  6. When the varnish is dry sand with a fine grade sandpaper, wipe and then apply a second coat of varnish.
  7. Once it is dry the coasters are ready to use.
August 28, 2015