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make your own herbal tea gift set http://www.archieandtherug.com/
Honestly since getting a garden after so long I feel I have fooled myself into thinking I have a small holding and should be wandering around outside with a ukulele wearing only the most floaty floral Anthropologie dresses. The truth is the garden is small to medium but being rural and having a home surrounded by hills, sheep and neighbours with chickens I have allowed my mind to play tricks on me. That being said you don’t really need a whole lot of garden to grow food and herbs. In fact over the past few years a number of books and blogs have been dedicated to growing in small spaces. Container gardening is big news and balconies in busy cites are becoming greener as this trend gains momentum. Herbs especially lend themselves to being grown in pots as so many of them can be invasive.
make your own herbal tea gift set http://www.archieandtherug.com/

I have not talked about this pregnancy a lot online, this is mostly as it has not been great. For the first 6 months or so it was touch and go that the pregnancy would survive and despite talking openly about my miscarriages it was too hard to do it whilst half of me was pretending I was not pregnant and the other half was trying to keep positive for my small boy and husband. I have been in pretty bad shape physically. My neighbour Aine decided to become a super hero and was dropping soup, gifts of bread and walking the dog for me despite being super busy herself. So in retaliation I decided to embrace my inner small holding self and create a gift for her to say thank you for the support that arrived just as I was at breaking point.

make your own herbal tea gift set http://www.archieandtherug.com/
Tea is one of my passions, both drinking and mixing so this was such a pleasure to create. It also reminded me of the act that I can draw, it is so easy to forget what skills you have when you don’t have the time to fully realise them. I have been reminded that I want to spend more time just drawing and painting again, I think it will be good for the soul.
make your own herbal tea gift set http://www.archieandtherug.com/
make your own herbal tea gift set http://www.archieandtherug.com/
you will need;
a box
a collection of seeds
a sharpie
teabag papers
small envelopes
a black pen
make your own herbal tea gift set http://www.archieandtherug.com/
  1. First of all lets talk about seed selection. If you are not up on your herbs there are so many sites on the internet that will talk about herbs and what the benefits of each are, you can also find information on what part of the herb is used to make the tea and how to prepare it. I also made suggestions of what they could be blended with. That part is easy just think about the flavours. Here is a list of the herbs I included; Fennel, Chamomile, Thyme, liquorice, Lemongrass, Oregano, Rosemary, Chicory & Mint.
  2. I found images of each plant online to use a reference to sketch from and wrote some information and advice on each ‘plant card’. If you really cannot draw you can find a royalty free images to use instead or take pictures at a local garden centre on your phone.
  3. I found some small envelopes in a local stationers to place the seeds in, remember to label them. When I was little they were known as dinner money envelopes. You took your money to the teacher each week in order to get hot meals, is that still a thing? Was it just a UK thing?
  4. I ordered some teabags online that you can fill yourself and packaged everything together in a box. In fact the box I had was covered in advertising so I painted the lid white and drew on it with a sharpie. You can decorate it however you decide, decoupage could be a cute option.

It is such a great little gift to pull together and you should pull together two one for you and one for a friend. Feel free to message me with any herbal enquiries.

March 8, 2017
April 19, 2017