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a felt moon cushion baby interiors diySometimes I have no time to make things and that makes me sad I love to be creative and be a creator. Other times I make things, I photograph them and then I forget to blog about them until I am clearing though old photos and backing up. After all it is a blog not Facebook live, you don’t mind if I show you a cushion I made 2 years ago right?

Sebastian enjoys hearing about when I made things for him, items that he plays with or uses everyday. During my pregnancy with Humphrey I was very ill but I still certain that I wanted him to have special items that had been created just for him. This was the perfect project.The moon cushion is made from two pieces of thick felt. Draw a freehand moon shape on with tailors chalk. After cutting the 2 pieces of felt embroider the eye and applique the cheek using a thin bit of pink felt.Use blanket stitch to close the edges. When you have 2-3 inches left fill the moon with hollow fibre filling and continue to close.

The whole thing was very simple and quick to make. No hemming. No pressing of fabric. It was the perfect project for when I was pregnant.

November 5, 2018