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First off I will start off with a confession, my pin-boards are never as neat as they are in this photograph. The wonder of styling eh! I believe that if you can make a utilitarian object stylish/pretty/cute then you are on to a winner. Having a pin-board each has definitely reduced the arguing, although I did claim them both for the shoot. 
I am currently dreaming up a way to have a cool whiteboard, or whiteboard alternative in my new office if you have any suggestions be sure to message me or comment below.

you will need;
2 cheap frames
aida fabric (the amount depends on the size of frames you choose)
thin cork
embroidery floss
embroidery needle 
fabric glue (optional)
the cross stitch patterns (found in Free Downloads)
  1. Remove the glass from the frames and set aside for future craft or printing projects.
  2. Work out the placement of your embroidery by laying the empty frame over the aida. You don’t have to use the same placement as I did.
  3. Once you have finished all of the embroidery press any creases out of the fabric with a warm iron but do not use the steam setting.
  4. Cut your cork card to size using the frame as a template. Fold the edges of your fabric around this and secure with large stitches or fabric glue.
  5. Place the wrapped cork into the frames and secure at the back using the original frame fixings.

If you have a large family you can make more that two or Yours, Mine & Ours. Remember to send me photos of your creations.