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Mini POÄNG Ikea Hack
There are hacks out there that turn side tables into bikes, no that is not an exaggeration, but when I say hack this time I mean makeover. I love renovating houses but this one is special because I am making a family. Really and truly designing things for kiddos is the best. There will be a big reveal in the playroom at some point, soon, I promise, but for now here is a chair.  
First of all unpick your chair and lay the pattern out. Use the pieces to cut out your new fabric. I used a quilting weight cotton so to add stabilization I kept the old fabric also and used it as one piece.
Mini POÄNG Ikea Hack
Reconstruct the chair pieces, opposite to the way you unpicked them, the whole chair is top sewn so really simple. Last thing to do is trim in bias binding, I used a new brighter one rather than the old calico one that was on the chair originally. As Sebastian didn’t want to sit still for the photo the chair is pictured with a fox instead, but you get the idea.

Mini POÄNG Ikea Hack
Mini POÄNG Ikea Hack
ikea hack
April 2, 2016


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    February 3, 2021

    I will love to buy your 1/6 Ikea chair🙏🏻