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It is so easy to become swept away in the Instagram and Pinterest world of Christmas tables. After being swept away it is easy to feel inferior. We are not all expert stylists, nor are we skilled florists or blessed with huge budgets. Breathe, that is okay because Christmas is not about the trimmings it is about the soul of the event. It is about the people and love involved. Those things are indeed the core of Christmas but it is also nice to make pretty things and what better time than Christmastime to indulge in a little frippery.

I am always honest here and this simple table was actually created in 2019. Last year, well let’s not talk about last year. If we all ignore 2020 mayber it will just go away. This year I have created another simple table but more of that next year or perhap a sneaky peak on Instagram , I am feeling full of whimsy today, a little bit like the government and their approach to policy.

simple christmas table

Instead of homemade crackers that year I used brown paper to make stars each with an individual little gift, all plastic free. Sebastian wrote the jokes and he was five at the time so you can imagine the brilliance. I really genuinely love the jokes that children make up, they harness the raw power of nonsense.

Apart from crockery and the brown paper stars I only added a little greenery from the garden and allotment.

See a beautiful table can be achieved without any floristry skills, hours of styling, or expense. Merry Christmas to you all. And a reminder that I decided to stay ad and sponsor free so if you want to support me you can do so buy buying me a virtual coffee via this link. BUY ME A KO-FI

October 12, 2021