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hand painted gift wrap craft diy I know there are endless you tube and social media parents out here telling us we do not have to be those Pinterest parents, and they are absolutely right but you can be. Truth is I live for this stuff, my down time is learning a new craft. Feed your body and soul but if making and creating is your food then the festive season is a great time to get your fill, there are so many crafts you can do.

hand painted gift wrap craft diyThis is our second year of painting our own paper and I have to say I am happy to make it a tradition. This year former baby now I fully fledged toddler joined in.

hand painted gift wrap craft diyWe used poster paints and brown paper. I made some just by myself, can you guess which ones?

The thing is everything works, the carefully painted reindeer perfectly executed by mummy, the patterns and swirls from Sebastian and the spoldges from Humphrey.

We were all excited to see our handmade paper under the tree.

If you want to save some cash and the kids are off school let them loose with some paint and brown paper.

December 6, 2018
January 6, 2019