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It is Christmas so the posts are coming thick and fast! Well it is the season of giving. With only 4 days to go you may say there is not enough time to make anything, you would be wrong. This is a super quick diy for you. I make most of my crafts and homemade gifts before December 1st but there is a little part of me that really wants me to make things when the tree is up and Christmas is in full swing. It just feels Christmassy and this craft is simple enough for the whole family to join in.
you will need;
circle craft punch
old book
glue stick

embroidery floss


  1. Cut lots and lots of circles from your book.
  2. Fold each of the circles in half.
  3. Each bauble requires 6 circles. Glue half of one circle to half of another keeping all of the folds inward.
  4. Continue this process adding new circles until you have glued 6 circles. All that is left to do now is to add a length of embroidery floss through the centre and glue the last to ends together.

It is really up to you how you display them they look great in my tree and equally beautiful gathered together and hung in the window. You could even add beads to the end of your baubles for a little extra interest.

Happy Holidays
Nicolette xo
December 20, 2012