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This year with the baby on the way and the majority of my Christmas decorations packed away in Yorkshire I am keeping things frugal. These snow stars are made from copy paper that can be bought cheaply. They look really effective when they are hung together. I have made these with nursery school children so the whole family can join in. They look a lot more complicated than they are, I like that in a project.
I have only ever made these in white hens my calling them snow stars if you make them in a different colour I would love to see how they look, please link to them in the comment box.
You will need; (for each star)
6 pieces of copy paper
a glue stick
sticky tape
drawing pin
1. The first thing you have to do make your A4 paper into a square. You all know how to do this. Save the paper you remove as you can use that in subsequent projects.
2. You will be left with a square that has a diagonal fold in it. Fold your triangle over one again so you have a smaller triangle and 2 folds.
3. Next you nee to make your cuts. I made 4 cuts, I would recommend this as a minimum but feel free to make more as long as you keep all 6 pieces of paper with the same number of cuts. Where to make your cuts is shown in the image below.
4. Once you have made the 6 squares and the cuts you are ready for the next stage. When you open each of the cut triangles up they should look like the photo below.
5. Now you have to glue the sections. Starting at the centre pull the two slit sections together and glue them together to make a loop. Do this with each alternate section. Then turn the shape over and pull the sections that you missed and glue to form loops on the other side. This method is shown below.
6. Once you have competed that process you will be left with 6 shapes that look like the image below.
7. To assemble your snow star you simple have to glue 6 of these shapes together. Glue them in the at one point to form the centre of the start and also the middle of each shape. When you have finished you can hang them with the tread, sticky tape and drawing pin. Alternatively you could make them into a garland and thread them onto string and hang across a room or bay window.
December 10, 2013
December 12, 2013


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    Chorizo Wagon

    December 11, 2013

    These are beautiful!