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phrase sweatshirt graphic DIY www.archieandtherug.com
Screen printing is not the only way to add a graphic element to fabric, let me introduce you to freezer paper, the wonder paper adopted by crafters around the globe, so much so you can now buy it in craft stores. Freezer paper has a glossy side and this adheres to fabric when you iron the paper, so make sure you draw the stencil on the matte side of the paper.
Graphic phrase sweatshirt DIY
Ever since a friend bought my baby boy an “eat, sleep, nuclear engineering” top as a homage to his daddy who is a nuclear engineer, I assume that was the reason if not I am confused, I have wanted to make my own profession related clothes. It is only recently that the right phrase came to me. If any of you are long term readers I am a huge advocate of getting dressed for work even when work is in your home, read about that HERE & HERE. I do however stay in slippers. Then it hit me, “Writers Do It With Their Slippers On”, perfect. So that is the sweatshirt I made. For authenticity I am pictured in said slippers.

phrase sweatshirt graphic DIY www.archieandtherug.com

If you are not a fan of your own handwriting, we can’t all have wonderful handwriting, use a font you like. The font I used is called Helena and was around $10 to purchase.

Graphic phrase sweatshirt DIY

you will need;

fabric paint
a sweatshirt
freezer paper
craft knife
cutting mat
cartridge paper

phrase sweatshirt graphic DIY www.archieandtherug.com
phrase sweatshirt graphic DIY www.archieandtherug.com


  1. Begin by making your stencil and cutting it out using a craft knife and sharp scissors.The advantage of freezer paper is that when you have a shape that needs a centre such as the letter O you can save the centre and iron it in place.
  2. Iron the stencil in place. Put a piece of cartridge paper in the centre of your sweatshirt in case any paint comes through. Use your fabric paint to fill in the stencil, I used a dabbing motion and did a few coats as I wanted the black to be really opaque.
  3. Leave the paint to dry, overnight if necessary. Fill this time with reading my archive pages, shopping in the Archie and Rug online store, drinking tea, baking cakes and sleeping.
  4. Remove the stencil, just pull it away gently.
  5. Iron the phrase to set the paint. Wear, enjoy and feel smug about the greatness of your new top, (smugness is entirely optional).
phrase sweatshirt graphic DIY www.archieandtherug.com
March 22, 2016