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Are you a lover of pumpkin decor?

If you here then perhaps you really want to know how to make a stunning pumpkin vase. If you are here by mistake stick around anyway as there are lots of pretty pictures and at the end of the post there is a stupidly high number of pumpkin recipes

So if you are a blogger then you have two options make things way before you need them and set things up and photograph them. So there you are putting a Christmas tree up in July (which actually I would happily do), or making a pumpkin display in August. The later being quite tricky as pumpkins are not really ready to pick in August. The other option is to make things when you need them and then take all the pretty pictures, wait a year and then post them on your blog. Don’t post them too close to the event because people are looking for inspiration a little before they need to actually make the damn thing.


So now that I have given you a brief insight into blogger life let me talk to you about my pumpkin vase. Well 2020 was a bit shit, a thought that has united us all is that it was shit. So one of the things that I have noticed is that you are supposed to have a lockdown revelation. Would you like to hear mine? My is revelation is that my children really know how to work a pumpkin patch. I mean just look at them work it.

cute child in a pumpkin patch
cute kid being silly in a pumpkin patch

Yes we also followed the 2020 trend of at every opportunity of being allowed out we had a day out goddamn it. If we hadn’t then I would have managed to snap these wonders. If you are looking to see if you and or your kids know how to work a pumpkin patch Country Living has compiled a list of their favourite patches in the UK.

cute siblings together in a pumpkin patch

A pumpkin is more than soup and a coffee flavour it is also a vase.

When I was pumpkin patching I picked up a huge, almost white pumpkin with the intention of making a marvellous centrepiece for the table where I would have no guests because it was 2020 after all.

So if you want to make a pumpkin extravaganza to display in your home here is how I did it.

pumpkin vase

Step 1

Cut the top off your pumpkin and hollow out the seeds and flesh. You can wash and roast your seeds for munchy snacks at a later date. You can also roast the flesh for pumpkin puree or make soup.

Step 2

Line the inside of your hollow pumpkin with a plastic bag so that you don’t get rotting pumpkin bits in your water as that is not good for the cut flowers. I cut up a bin liner and used drawing pins to secure it. The other option is to place a jar or bowl inside that will hole the flowers and water. That takes a bit more luck than skill because you have to have one that fits.

top down view of pumpkin vase
close up of pumpkin vase centrepiece

Step 3

The best flower arranging tip ever is to use wire or mesh in the neck of your vessel so that you can be more precise about where you artfully place your bits. I cut a piece of chicken wire that I had on the allotment for fence repairs and bent the edges in so that it fit snuggly into the top of my pumpkin.

Step 4

This is the fun part. Remember that if it is a centrepiece then walk around the pumpkin to see what it looks like from all angles. I like to start with the largest bits of foliage and create the overall shape first and then place the other flowers where the gaps are. Also if you have a neighbour with an incredible acer in their garden you could ask them if you could steal a few bits like I did.

view of pumpkin vase centrepiece

See you waited around for the pumpkin recipes I knew you would.

I was just thinking I should really put some pumpkin recipes on the blog as they would be a nice addition. Then I popped the word pumpkin into my search bar and here we are. It is easy to forget a pumkin obsession when it is hidden in neary 12 years of content!

And that is not all if cooking with pumpkins is not your thing why not make some fabric pumpkins. Do you decorate for autumn? It is something I have only recently started doing and I believe that I started to decorate for autumn because I went through a phase of crocheting leaves and it all just spiralled from there.

December 21, 2021