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I am really pleased to be sharing with you another of the projects that I undertook at the Festival Of Thrift, I will be even happier when this rug makes its way to its permanent home in the utility room in front of the sink. It will look even more impressive on the tile than it does on the grey carpet. One of the things I wanted to demonstrate with the project I undertook at the festival was that anyone can have upcycling in their homes, even those with little or no crafting skills.
This climbing rope was very kindly donated to the project. Climbers only use their rope for a limited time due to safety and the weave is strong on it which makes stitching through to make a rug impossible with my weak fingers.
To make this rug I simply coiled and as I did I secured the rug with heavy duty double sided carpet tape. The trick is to place the carpet tape on the outer edge and pull inwards. It does not matter what it looks like on the back as you will cover it.
Once you have pulled all of the tape covers off the back you should stick some felt/hessian to the back. If you want to be true to the upcycle you can stick hard wearing fabric to the back such as an old curtain. If you do that remember some fabrics need to be hemmed to prevent fraying.
October 8, 2014
October 13, 2014


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    Debbie Dorn

    October 12, 2014

    What a brilliant idea Nicolette. I love your blog. It's full of so many good ideas. Debbie xx