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Each year I like to come up with a new Christmas card design for my homemade cards. This year I wanted to make cards that could be easily adapted for people who do not celebrate Christmas.
I used to make and design soft furnishings commercially, have I ever told you about that? Well the stag silhouettes I designed for applique cushions. Now that I don’t do that anymore I was really happy to find a new use for my stags.
you will need;
sticky back plastic in a wood grain
card blanks
alphabet stamps
ink pad
mini alphabet stamps for a paper craft
  1. Print out the templates from the Free Download page. Use the templates to trace the shapes onto the back of the wood effect vinyl.
  2. Carefully cut out your silhouettes. Peel off the backing and stick them onto your card blanks.
  3. Once you have decided what messages you want to write on the front of the cards use your alphabet stamps to print them.
  4. I like the rough and ready effect this gave the cards. I preferred this to marking out lines to follow for the wording.


December 7, 2013
December 9, 2013