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I am so excited about all of the projects that I have shared with you so far and plan to share with you about the house renovation in Yorkshire but at the moment I am living in a rented furnished apartment in Paris. The trouble with renting, especially a furnished place is that things rarely meet your needs or your taste. The walls are bland and you are left trying to feel ‘at home’ in a space that is not your own.
Out of all the spaces in the apartment I wanted to improve Sebastian’s room. I wanted an engaging space with colour and interest for him to play in. His room is multifunctional as I share the space and it is where people sleep when they come to visit.
The world is alive with washi tape projects and I was really excited to use the extra wide tape I had found. I would not have gone with such a conventional blue design but the range here in Paris is limited. If you shop online there are many wonderful designs to choose from.
In order to have an even design I measured the wall and the divided it by the width of the washi tape. That way you can get the spacing right. Now in order to get the tape straight you need to use a plumb line, all this means is a weight at the end of a long string. The weight will pull the string in a straight line. Don’t just measure from the edge of the wall all the way down as even in new houses no wall is straight. I will go into this fact in more detail in a future How To Wallpaper & Pattern Match post.
I love the effect and it really adds  lot to the room. Washi tape can be removed from the wall without damaging it so perfect for rentals.
January 4, 2015