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Make Your Own Boot Trees

Call me superficial but I love boots. It has been said that I have too many pairs, those people are fools, I ignore those people. I wear them all year round mostly because it has to be very hot for me to consider it warm and they go with everything.  Investing in good quality comfortable footwear is important. Buy better and buy less people. That also means that you need to take care of what you have.
Obviously I want to take care of my boots but boot trees are overpriced bits of plastic that break easily and the are UGLY and my boots deserve something aesthetically pleasing.
you will need;
bean bag filling
needle & thread
a selection of fabric
toy stuffing
pattern paper/brown paper
1. The first thing you will need to do is measure your boot leg. To make this simple you can get the length of your boot by placing it onto the pattern paper or brown paper. Mark 1/4 in above the top of the boot and make an approximate mark near the ankle of the boot.
2. Next stand your boot up and hold the top open as if it had your leg in it. Measure the diameter of the top of the boot. Mark the top with of the boot across the top of your length mark. Now draw a tapered shape like the one below. This does not have to be precise, just think about the way your leg changes shape from the top of your calf to your ankle.
3. The next step is to make the top of your boot trees. Using the diameter measurement you took earlier draw a circle .
4. You are now ready to cut your fabric. You need to cut four of the lengths and 2 circles.
5. Now you can assemble the trees.  Taking two of the long pieces of fabric, right sides together, leave the top, (the wide end) open. In addition to the top leave a 1-2 inch gap on one of the sides open also. Once you have joined the long pieces pin the circle into the top and stitch all the way round.

6. Using the gap you left on the side turn the tree the right way out. Fill with beanbag beads. In order to stop them flying out stuff a little toy stuffing into the gap. Turn the edges of the gap in and close the gap by hand using ladder stitch. All that is left to do is stuff the trees into your boots

You can use any fabric the ones in the pixie button boots are made from old shirt sleeves.

February 5, 2014
February 12, 2014