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Please ignore this blog title the feta is in fact wonderful and yummy in every way I have just wanted to use this pun since Des (best friend & god parent to Sebastian, although he prefers the term redundad),  first used it five years ago. Here is my recipe related joke; why did the cheese go to the gym? To get himself feta. For those of you who have not closed the page after reading that joke please enjoy the rest of the blog post.
deep fried crispy feta cheese recipe vegetarian
Last Sunday the food was so healthy I think it is only fair to have some fried cheese, few things in life are as fantastic as fried cheese. This recipe is special for two reasons, the first is obvious it is fried cheese that should have gone without saying. The second reason is that it happened by accident, well through Joe’s inability to read a shopping list, I wrote halloumi a classic cheese for frying, what came back from the shops was feta.
Given the texture of feta it was essential to coat the feta first.




March 12, 2014
March 20, 2014