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Do you ever feel like you are late to the party? Well I am always late to the party I was convinced that CDs would not take the place of cassette tapes, yes I am that late! I realise that there a few people who are now Googling cassette tapes. I was really happy when JD Williams reached out to me to work on some Nutrilbullet recipes. No longer will I scroll through instagram wondering what the big deal is about? Are they worth the cash? Now I know they are worth it.
I have a blender that came as part of my food processor, it has a pretty glass jug and looks great on my counter top but beyond making milkshake it struggles. I was sent the Nurtibullet 1200 to use. I wanted to jump straight in ad use products that I could never have used in my blender. I wanted to make a thick juice.
So why not use a juicer? Well a few years ago I had a juicer and I hated it. I found that you got very little yield so a glass of juice could become quite costly. The second negative point I found about a juicer was that it was a real pain to get clean and when you compare it to how easy it was to clean the Nutribullet it is a no brainer. Lastly with a juicer you lose a lot of the fruit and veg where as all of the yummy goodness stays in the juice when you use a Nutribullet as if the easy to clean thing was not enough to sell it to you.
Golden Beet & Ginger Juice recipe http://www.archieandtherug.com/2018/05/golden-beet-ginger-juice.html

This was so easy and fast and I felt smug all day about how much goodness I had just consumed. The possibilities are endless and I am so excited to develop and share lots of new recipes with you and hopefully experiment with the Nutribullet beyond juices.

Golden Beet & Ginger Juice recipe http://www.archieandtherug.com/2018/05/golden-beet-ginger-juice.html
July 4, 2018


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    Schilly Construction Inc

    September 7, 2018

    Yum, this looks like a simple recipe that I’d like to try. I’m a big fan of green shakes. Spinach, Apples, Celery, and Banana.