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Rawnola – A Granola of Sorts

So I have made granola before on this blog you can find the recipe here. The oven in my apartment in Paris is a) not so great and b) so I can only get a small batch in. Live without granola is not an option so raw granola was created. No cooking just mixing, everyone can mix right? The recipe does call for goji berries which are expensive everywhere but fear not you use a small amount.

you will need;

270g raw buckwheat
150g pumpkin seeds
100g gogi berries
50g linseed
70g dried cranberries
50g chopped pistacio
75g chopped walnuts
100g sunflower seeds

Let us do away with the method, mix and store. In case you missed that mix and store. You can use it to top everything, I even used it in some chocolate fudge I made recently. Add it to biscuits, sprinkle on yogurt you name it and it’s filled with yummy goodness.