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Speculoos Latte Recipe

recipe speculoos latte
Remember when Speculoos were just the biscuits you occasionally got at the side of your coffee? I do. In fact I remember the first time I had the spread it was not available in the UK my jar had been personally couriered from Belgium and it lasted about 5 minutes, once I had fetched a larger spoon. Since the there has been a global speculoos revolution it is everywhere. Taking a educated guess I would say there are more speculoos products, spread included sold that those little biscuits. To add to this I am sharing my recipe for speculoos latte. I say recipe it is so simple I feel it is more of a guide.
The key to making a coffee shop standard latte at home is frothing the milk. You don’t need to have an all singing, all dancing expensive coffee machine. You can use what I did, a hand held milk frother. Mine has cow print on because I like cows and whilst I don’t want to be ‘that cow stuff lady’ it is nice to have one or two cute cow print things. It was really cheap and only cost me £10.
It gives the right effect as you can see from this shot of the foam.
homemade speculoos latte
you will need; (makes 2)
2 shots of espresso (more if need stronger coffee)
milk (fill one of your coffee glasses to get the right amount)
1 tablespoon speculoos spread
  1. Warm your milk in a pan.
  2. Pour your espresso into another pan with the speculoos and gently heat until the spread melts.
  3. Take your hot milk and pour it evenly between your two coffee glasses/mugs.
  4. Using your mini milk frother plunge it in and froth, this takes about 10 seconds per cup.
  5. Now pour your coffee through the froth.

speculoos latte recipe