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Vietnamese Iced Coffee

The sun is shining and my baby has not slept through the night yet, he is 17 months old. I know I am not alone in this and I wouldn’t change him, he is perfect as he is but I need a boost from time to time so coffee and sugar are my false idols. I have read the articles that say a sudden boost is followed by a slump, for real sustained energy release coffee is not the answer. Okay so they are probably right but I would argue this, the instant buzz is nice and it tastes good. I accept there is no medical arguments or facts and figures to back me up apart from the fact that there a quite a few coffee shop chains that really well for themselves so this yummy coffee drink must have a market.  enough silly ranting and on with the coffee instructions. I say instructions as it is not really a recipe, more of a serving suggestion.
In Vietnam you will most likely find your coffee served over condensed milk. This is done for hot and cold coffee. I am not sure if this is done due to a lack of fresh milk in the shops or to sweeten the bitter taste. So here I go, ice cubes in glass, condensed milk on top and coffee on top of that. In Vietnam they will use a dark roasted coffee. All that is left to do is stir so that it looks like this;
I love drinking iced coffee this way but I am no a fan with hot coffee, but give it a try you may love it. Let me leave you with my coffee fact. Dark roasted coffee that has a higher strength has less caffeine in than light roast coffee. The strength is referring to the fullness of the flavour only, whilst a longer roast produces a darker, more bitter tasting coffee the bean loses more caffeine that way