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So you have bought your perfect bed and now you have chosen the best mattress for your best nights sleep with a little help from this post and Button & Sprung of course. All that is left to do is to add that stylist flare to make your bed look like it has just stepped out of the pages of a fancy magazine. Our bedroom is where we seek solace at the end of a hard day and to walk into a room that looks inviting can help with that, think how nice it is when you go to a hotel and everything looks perfect, well you can do that at home.

My first method for dressing a bed is the simplest, anyone can do it!

One – Buy An Oversized Quilt. I told you it was simple the only thing you have to do is make sure it covers the pillows and the duvet underneath to get the look spot on. This look is also very simple to sleep in, just fold back the quilt, and then pull it back if you are like me and get cold at night!. Such a simple method can make a huge impact.
Two – Cushions, Lots of Cushions. In fact looking at this image I think I need two more cushions, large oversized ones to go at the back. The trick is to mix patterns and sizes whilst keeping to a theme. I wanted my whole bedroom to have a simple fresh look after the dark red bedroom I had in my last home. Crisp white walls and bedding with blue accent wall and accessories. I have the cushion covers that I have collected from my travels couples with some that I made and some high street stores. When you are mixing patterns follow these these simple rules. Stick to one colour pallet and mix the sizes of the pattern. Make sure the patterns are different enough so that they don’t look like you tried to match them and failed.

Cushions are great when you are lounging in bed reading my blog or a book, drinking tea, that sort of thing.

Three – Texture. Again this is a simple way to give your bed that luxury edge. Layering neutral colours over one another that have different textures. See these stylist tricks are easy to execute how else do you think they can style so many magazine shots in a day.

You probably have all the ingredients for this look already lurking in your bedding box


September 17, 2016