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An Ikea Hack For Any Skill Level

Storage is an issue in every house but in my house I am pretty fussy about my baskets and more often the not the baskets I want to buy are more expensive than I can justify whilst we still have to rebuild the chimney on the West side of the house, (seriously 4 Winters with no heat on that side of the house). Just because you cannot afford the most beautiful baskets it does not mean you cannot have sunning baskets. No you DO NOT steal them I would never advocate that, you should craft them yourself.

belly basket ikea hack craft diy

The Ikea Fladis basket is only £13 and I used it as the base for 3 different designs. In fact since writing this post I have a few more ideas so I am off to buy some more to be upcycled/hacked!

belly basket ikea hack craft diy chalk paint


Use chalk paint to paint one half of your basket. If you paint the top half like I have the basket will not flop at the top making it the ideal plant pot cover
belly basket ikea hack craft diy
belly basket ikea hack craft diy


Wrap the handles with left over wool to add a pop of colour and structure to the handles. Make colourful tassels and attach them around the top of the basket, this is a great way to use up ends of wool from other projects. To make a tassel simply wrap wool around four of your fingers until you have a thick bundle. Then tie at the top and part way down before cutting the ends of the loop and trimming.
belly basket ikea hack craft diy handmade tassels


Use fabric glue/tacky glue to stick down sequin ribbon. It can be bought inexpensively and in a variety of colours. This is another way to add some structure to an otherwise floppy basket

All of these are really easy crafts to do and something even the non crafter can master.

ikea hack sequin belly basket craft
August 14, 2019