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How To Design Using Pinterest

The New Year is fast approaching and with it the time when we all like to make plans for the future. Buying a wreck of a house was the best choice for me. I did not pay a premium for the taste and decor of others just a blank canvas to make my mark on. Planning a home is like Christmas, the planning is as much fun as the execution. Today there are lots of ways to aid us in our design journey.

I was late to the world of Pinterest. Then again I was late to the world of blogging and now it is my full time job so don’t be put off by my tardy digital nature. For those of you who have not heard the word Pinterest let me give you a quick overview. It is digital scrapbooking. All those times you are browsing online and see something you like you no longer need to bookmark the page you can pin it to a curated board. The site where the pin came from is saved so if you find the perfect lamp you will always know where it is, pretty cool and something that you can easily become completely addicted to. It is also the eco friendly option as it is not using print so no paper wasting, also you can email a board to someone, another great feature. As with everything in life there are pitfalls so here are my tips to effectively use Pinterest as a design tool in your home.

Avoid The Time Vortex By Staying Focused – The internet is filled with fantastic resources but we have all sat down to have a ‘quick browse’ for something specific and then the next time we glance at the clock hours have passed and you have no idea where the time went or what you have achieved. If you are online and you happen to see an inspiring picture you can simply pin it to your board and move on. The problem comes when you are searching the internet specifically looking for inspiration, I am talking about Google images, other peoples Pinterest boards. The thing about it is there is a board for almost anything. You may repin a bathroom image and as a result look at the other boards that user curates. Now you have entered the world of the click through, before you know it you have spent an hour looking at party decorations, cake recipes, shoes, flower arrangements, model trains, okay the last one I probably would not become engrossed in but you get the idea. An hour has passed and you still have not picked a colour for the bathroom.As tempting as it is to look at pretty things try to stay focused.
The Downside Of A Re-Pin – I love when my pins get re-pinned, I like knowing someone appreciates my taste, silly I know but that is half the fun of an online community. I search Pinterest and I repin as well as pinning from sites directly. It is fine to do so but it can lead to a world of disappointment. Sometimes you become a detective on Pinterest, you have seen THE sofa after months of endless searching. The pin you have found is a repin, of a repin, of a repin. You work your way back and back until nothing, the original site never transpires and you are left sobbing into your tea, plus you have just wasted lots of time in a time vortex. If I am re-pinning for design use it for inspirational looks only.
Use Original Sites – When designing I try to use original sites as often as I can and always when it comes to a product I actually want to buy. Paint colours, lamps, rugs. If I want it in the room I need to find the source. Trying to trace an original pin is often futile, as I stated above you cannot always find the original source. Also you may find it is a product only available in America and you live in the UK or it is a product that was on sale years ago and no longer available. So my advice is as above if you want to own it find it then pin it.
Create A Secondary Board – The world is filled with beautiful things and in the initial stages of any design process it is good to remain open to ideas otherwise you will end up a very same old same old vibe in your home. Plus being adventurous is fun! I have always been an advocate of the eclectic look and following a rigid theme with lots of matching furniture has never been my thing. That being said using Pinterest as your design base you could go too far the other way. You remember the tale about the child in a toy shop being so overwhelmed and ultimately deciding upon nothing, that could be you on Pinterest. A good example to show you is my kitchen journey. Here is a link to the original Kitchen inspiration board. On this board I did not limit myself if I saw something I liked it went on there even if the design ideas did not mesh. Different looks, different colour schemes, the works. Now here is a link to my second kitchen board. When I looked over the first board and re-read my original Kitchen Inspiration Post I could see the reoccurring themes and I was able to choose my favourite elements. The second board has one clear focus. It also has links to specific products and contains notes on what I need to do.
If you only take away one piece of advice from this post scaling down your board and making a secondary focused board is the one you should choose. The notes you make are helpful too. You may notice I have a number of lighting choices on the second board. I try to find a back up in case the product has sold out by the time I come to adding the finishing touches. If you are like me you have to save money for each stage of a complete refurbishment so the items that would be in the final fit, such as lighting, artwork etcetera may have sold out.
I have enjoyed sharing my design tips for Pinterest with you and I plan to share a number of other posts with you on design, such as creating mood boards, effective use of space and colour theory, so look out for those in the coming months.
January 2, 2015