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Last month I finished making a rope wrapped rainbow from Makebox, the wonderful craft subscription box brought to you by Hannah. If it is not on your radar yet I suggest you go and check it out. I had a little of the rope left over and as I went to pop it away, (I save EVERYTHING), I discovered some other bits of rope and macrame rope in the drawer. Suddenly inspiration struck and I decided to make something, well a few things with these left over bits.  I have such a smug satisfaction when I finally make something from items I have been hording, correction saving with intention and purpose.

make a simple wall hanging with yarn and macrame rope I cut the ropes to various lengths, went to my beads and wire drawer, yes I have one of those. I selected some wire to strengthen and give the rope form and then I began to wrap with yarn left over from larger projects. This is such a great stash busting project. The world of art and craft has a bad rep when it comes to waste but it does not have to be this way we can be more sustainable in all that we do.

make a simple pendant with yarn craft tutorial For the smaller pieces of rope I twisted the wire at the top and left a loop poking out so they can be pendants on a chain. I think making really tiny ones like this you could make a pair of fantablous statement earrings that I reckon Sophie Robinson would love – she has the best earrings!

make a simple wall hanging with yarn craft tutorial diy how to When you change colour you can hide the end under the new wrap. For the ends where there is no new wrap, the beginning and the end simply tie the yarn and thread the end under the wrapped area with a darning needle. Use the darning needle and your fingers to untwist the rope ends to make a lovely tassel and trim if you desire.

close up of door decoration with yarnYou can hang your piece on the wall, or as I did with one of the smaller ones around a door handle. A piece like this would work really well to break up the hard lines of a gallery wall, all those squares and rectangles sometimes need something to soften them and add a little interest and texture.

how to make a simple decoration with left over yarn and macrame rope