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Lets face it it is easy to get lost in a Pinterest rabbit hole looking at endless images of stunning wall hangings but some of them require a great deal of time and may of us are time poor, I am going to show you how you can make a wall hanging with yarn in a matter of minutes!

This project is a great stash buster

Last month I finished making a rope wrapped rainbow from Makebox, the wonderful craft subscription box brought to you by Hannah. If it is not on your radar yet I suggest you go and check it out. I had a little of the rope left over and as I went to pop it away, (I save EVERYTHING), I discovered some other bits of rope and macrame rope in the drawer. Suddenly inspiration struck!

  • rope, various thicknesses
  • wire
  • wire cutters
  • yarn, various
  • darning needle

make a simple wall hanging with yarn and macrame rope

Warning making these is highly addictive


Cut the ropes to various lengths. I selected some wire to strengthen and give the rope form and cut it to be slightly shorter than the looped part of the rope.


Tie a knot with the yarn and tuck the end in once you start wrapping. Begin to wrap the part which forms the loop first and work your way around. Once you get to the end use a darning needle to tuck the last end in and hide it.


Use the darning needle and your fingers to gently undo the rope and create the fringed look.




make a simple pendant with yarn craft tutorial For the smaller pieces of rope I twisted the wire at the top and left a loop poking out so they can be pendants on a chain. I think making really tiny ones like this you could make a pair of fantablous statement earrings that I reckon Sophie Robinson would love – she has the best earrings!

make a simple wall hanging with yarn craft tutorial diy how to

The world of art and craft has a bad rep when it comes to waste but it does not have to be this way we can be more sustainable in all that we do.

close up of door decoration with yarnYou can hang your piece on the wall, or as I did with one of the smaller ones around a door handle. A piece like this would work really well to break up the hard lines of a gallery wall, all those squares and rectangles sometimes need something to soften them and add a little interest and texture.

how to make a simple decoration with left over yarn and macrame rope

September 26, 2019



  1. Reply

    Kristine Nicole Alessandra

    September 22, 2019

    This is a lovely craft! I can imagine how pretty they would be as pendants or earrings! My hands are not that crafty but I am sure my sister would be interested to make these. I will send the link to this post.

  2. Reply


    September 23, 2019

    These look so pretty. I’ve never seen them in the shops or made one myself before. Love the fact you can mix up the colours.

  3. Reply

    pooja Malkani

    September 23, 2019

    These look amazing and cool!! I love the fact that it is so elegant and simple. Sometimes simple things add beauty to life

  4. Reply

    Crickette, The Things I Have to Say

    September 23, 2019

    This is so cute. I’ve seen some of these before but I never really paid much attention. But seeing it now, it’s really very cute.

  5. Reply

    Todd Smidt

    September 23, 2019

    I’ve never seen these before! How long does it take for you to make one? Do you give these out as gifts or keep them for yourself?

    • Reply

      Nicolette Lafonseca

      September 26, 2019

      They are really quick to make, I made all of these in on evening. A combination, some are destined as gifts

  6. Reply


    September 23, 2019

    that was beautiful and made with love. this is something i should try to put a personal touch in our home.

  7. Reply

    Dalene Ekirapa

    September 24, 2019

    Those hanging yarns are so beautiful and look so good around the door handle. They are so simple but really make a statement around the house.

  8. Reply

    Ewuzie Kingsley

    September 25, 2019

    Creative, Not everyone can come up with something like this, i know i cant.. They look really nice and the colour combination are very mature.