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I have really enjoyed working with Button & Sprung, you can see previous posts here, here & here! This is the best post as I get to talk about the luxurious 3 months I have spent sleeping on their Drysdale Mattress. When we moved into this new house we decided that we should upgrade to a king size mattress as with a toddler in the bed it would give us more space. Word to the wise my entire bedroom floor could be made of mattress and I would still sleep on around 4 inches of it, it is as sure as death and taxes and all children sleep that way.
When I was first offered the mattress my first thought was what difference does cost make. This was more than I had ever spent on a mattress before. The first night we slept on it we went all out, clean pjs, clean sheets, and a bath, well when you have a new luxury mattress to sleep on it would be rude not to! Joe and I slipped under the duvet and both instantly and unprompted turned to one another wow this really feels like we are on a luxury mattress.
Before this mattress I had been sold on memory foam, despite the fact that they don’t really allow for a cool night and you can overheat very easily. I felt that after years of rental homes and a bad back a memory foam had looked like the answer. Changing to this mattress has changed my opinion on this entirely. The main difference is that the mattress supports you everywhere. What I mean is if you are sleeping on the edge you feel just as supported as when you sleep in the middle. As I mentioned earlier with a husband and child who have zero bed etiquette this has been a life saver.
The second thing I noticed is that you get zero roll together, none whatsoever. I suffer from a bad back, have done for years and I regularly see a chiropractor. I sit hunched over a laptop or a craft table, I carry around a heavy child, none of these things help my back. It was not uncommon for me to wake up in spasm and get severe headaches from a twisted neck. I have not had this for the past three months. Okay so a new mattress is not a miracle worker but the fact that I have woken up and been able to move and not have headaches until the afternoon when everything in my back untwisted has made a huge difference to my life….and my mood.


Disclaimer: I was given this mattress but all my opinion are, as always honest and my own.