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It is that time of year when everyone gets into full on project mode, Spring is springing and we all have an out with the old attitude. I am planning the next big building project in this building site/home. As with the dressing room, (my dressing room), it has been decided that most unpacking and sorting will be achieved by giving my creative space and office space a real home. Joe, who is not the writer in this relationship surpassed himself by so eloquently stating, “it will keep all your shit out of the rest of the house”. Yes I know the wrong one became a writer, you should see my physics skills.

I am very excited by this as I have not had a ‘home’ for my work for nearly 5 years. A lot of stuff went into storage to make our little house look less cluttered whilst it sat on the market. Then we had a small apartment in Paris, again space was an issue.Then we bought a big house in the Yorkshire countryside. This is what the blank canvas of my room looked like.

Bloody awful right!

In fact that wall with the fireplace you are seeing has to go right back to brick and be remade as the chimney was leaking, it has been re pointed but the plaster is ruined.

And this is what it looked like with all of my stuff in there, in a way much worse now!

I found two old pieces of furniture that need a complete overhaul so I need to look at paint colours, new hardware and possibly legs.

The to do list is like this;

1. New gloss white floor to be installed
2. Remove wet plaster and replace. Plaster one wall with magnetic plaster
3. Replace radiator
4. Add industrial trunking and plug sockets
5. Install new ceiling and wall lights.
6. Paint the walls and furniture.
7. Add some wall shelves.
8. Buy or make a long desk.
9. Build a custom storage unit under the eves
10. Dress the room and pack ‘my shit’ away

As any good interior blogger knows you cannot simply go out one weekend and shop, no you need to spend endless and productive hours searching for the perfect everything and make one hell of a shopping list or mood board! Here is mine. You can also find it on Pinterest here, where you will find all of the shopping links.

I want to create something light and bright that will allow me to take photographs as well as work. I need it to be full of stuff and remain uncluttered – easy right? As much as I am looking at a white backdrop I do not want a dull office, I need it to be filled with pops of colour and personality. That means that all of the practical elements of the room have to add something to the aesthetics. I do like to set myself a challenge.

The building work in this room is scheduled for October, what do you think will I be able to pull it all together before Christmas with 2 children and working full time – all I can say is bring it, I NEED AN OFFICE AGAIN!