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Although it is possible to buy from here online in the UK this shop was never really on my radar until I moved to Paris. In fact not until they built the shopping complex at Beaugrenelle, it was ideal, lots of space for the pousette, lifts and walking distance from the apartment, also it is quiet in the week so it was a great place for Sebastian to practice walking when it was wet outside. Apartment living really gets you out and about all the time with babies and toddlers as you have little space at home and if mummy can fit in some browsing at the same time why not.
That being said the website is really very good, easy to navigate and great product shots so you don’t need to have a store near you. I like to buy investment pieces for my home, vintage and DIY feature heavily also, basically because I like my home to be different but sometimes we all enjoy just buying something because it is cute and inexpensive, we do, don’t lie.
Maisons Du Monde, literally meaning houses of the world has ranges that have a global influence in their design so if your taste is cool crisp California coast or Indian prints they will have something for you and the prices are really reasonable, especially the accessories. As we have been deep, deep in building work and finding furniture to make storage work buying accessories has been at the back of my mind. In fact that is a lie, I have had to physically restrain myself from buying pretty things to focus cash where it needs to be. The living room and my dressing room, hell yes I am getting a dressing room are inches away from being complete, really it is just the styling and a couple, 5/6 decorative DIYs to go. It is safe to say I can allow myself a little look at accessories now and what a great opportunity for me to showcase this store. I love all of these items featured and I do have a birthday coming up….just saying!
January 18, 2017
February 8, 2017