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Blue Skies Ahead

The best way to give bad news is to blurt it out, as it happens delivering good news is best delivered in the same way. So here I go. For the first time in four years I have managed to get 12 months clear of cancer, in fact due to timings it is 14 months. I spoke about living with cancer in a previous post. No matter what I had read, or how ‘used’ to having cancer I had become nothing had quite prepared me for how bad I would feel having my baby and worrying about leaving him. I struggled so hard for him and then out of nowhere this miracle arrived and the miracles keep on coming. To get a whole year of remission under my belt for the first time in 4 years I can finally say I think I will kick this thing for good. Before now I have not believed, not really believed I was going to grow old, now I look at my baby, who has healed me body and soul and cannot wait to spend my whole life watching him grow and just be wonderful.
I have been made a little sad recently watching the arguments on social media about the infamous ice bucket challenge and what charity should get money/publicity etc. I worked for charities for a little over 9 years and know how hard it is to raise awareness and funds. I have seen people dumping ice buckets on their heads since the first Comic Relief but back then there was no social media or viral content. To anyone who is angry, please stop. ALL charities do a tough job with what they have, there is nothing new out there, trust me I am old and wise and it has all been done. Any charity that utilises popular culture to do good should not be demonised they are still doing good. It is not a competition. Macmillan proved to be my rock for the past four years, my granny was taken from me long before she died due to Alzheimer’s, my uncle Micheal had his muscles waste away from him making him an old man when he was still young and he too was taken from the world and his three boys too soon. People will follow their heart and heads when donating, and charities will continue to do the best they can.
And so I leave you with this thank you. Thank you to everyone who has ever donated to Cancer Research, you gave me my life. Thank you to anyone who has given to Macmillan they were my rock and salvation. Thank you to anyone who donates to any charity you are proof that humanity can be beautiful and you make the world a great place to live in. Most of all thank you to the families of the ladies that lost their fight, their struggle gave medicine the time to learn and they gave me my life. Those women are my heroes and I can never repay them, or you for the life I have. Thank you to my baby boy for having me as your mummy.
August 31, 2014