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How To Get A Good Nights Sleep

how to choose a mattress www.archieandtherug.com
I have real difficulty in getting to sleep, in fact I have battled with insomnia for years, but more on that another time, needless to say once I manage to get to sleep I want to stay asleep and I want that sleep to be a good one. Making the environment that you sleep in as perfect as possible is key to your comfort, of course your mattress plays a huge part in your comfort, that is why I was delighted to partner with Button & Sprung on this.
how to choose a mattress www.archieandtherug.com
I have suffered with a bad back for many years, (yes this coupled with insomnia I know lucky girl), so as soon as I could afford a new mattress I bought one, the best I could afford at the time. Memory foam was the hot new thing and thought that this would be the best thing for my back. As it turned out the mattress was very comfortable but it had a few drawbacks; it did not breathe so I get really hot and according to the Sleep Council if you are too hot your core temperature will not go down which is essential for you switch on the ‘sleep mechanism’. Another issue was that it was a little too squishy which meant I couldn’t move around as freely and I felt my back was unsupported, so although the initial feeling of comfort was a good thing the mattress was actually hindering my sleep and my back’s health – an utter fail! A good bed frame and mattress is key so I saved up and bought a really solid bed frame,  my family has grown and toddlers sleep where they like and that usually means your bed so I bought a kingsize bed frame.  This was a good thing as the guys over at Button & Sprung recommend buying the biggest mattress you can fit into your bedroom as the Sleep Council confirms we move a lot during our sleep cycles.
You may have the most loving relationship, but having enough space to sleep is one of the most important factors. Also if you are starting a family, no matter how strong your resolve or firm your intentions – you often find more bodies in the bed come morning than were there when the night began.
how to choose a mattress www.archieandtherug.com
So now to choose the right mattress for me and my growing family? The firmness of your mattress is always a hot topic and it is generally stated that a firm mattress is a good thing but working with Button & Sprung I have learned that a firm mattress is a completely subjective thing.
As a rule of thumb the heavier you are, the firmer your mattress should be. The mattress needs to be firmer to balance out your body weight. The lighter a person, the softer and more yielding a mattress should be.

To get the correct support, your body weight needs to engage the springs. Then you get the support in the correct areas of your neck, shoulders, lower back, bottom and hips.

A light person on a firm mattress is not heavy enough to engage the springs: because the springs are not being engaged, they offer no support. A heavier person on a soft mattress engages the springs too much, so the springs stop working and give no support.

As a guide to finding the correct level of support a mattress is giving you, lie on your back, then slide the flat of your hand under the arch of your back. If there is a large space then the mattress is not giving you enough support and is too firm. If you can’t get your hand under your back then you are over engaging the springs and the mattress is too soft. Your hand should slide in easily while your back touches the mattress.
So after establishing that my memory foam mattress was not suitable for me, it made me too hot at night and there was definite roll in. What do I mean by roll in? Well quite simply you start off in your own space and roll into your partner, it is a case of sweetheart I love you but I need my space now! So what is left in mattress world? Open Coil Mattresses – these are what I always think of as the standard mattress, springs connected by a wire frame. I have had many years of sleeping on open coil mattresses, enough years to know that you roll into your partner and it does not take long before you have a lumpy springs in your back. 
how to choose a mattress www.archieandtherug.com

I have now been introduced to Pocket Sprung. What is that? The springs are sewn into individual pockets these are ideal because the support is spread over the entire mattress and it will stop you rolling into your partner, unless you want to of course!
As it turns out the number of springs in your mattress is a little like the thread count on sheets, the higher the count the nicer the sheets feel and the more coils the comfier the mattress. So here are some more things that I am looking forward to. Button & Sprung use all natural materials so the cotton and wool will stop all that overheating. 
I am really looking forward to the new mattress arriving then I can tell you what a great nights sleep I am having and show you just how to style the hell out of a bed.