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So I had planned to post this yesterday but instead I find myself adding this amendment because my site was hacked and I had an online meltdown and I was subsequently rescued. I will of course provide further details on this as I feel paying homage to the blogging community is needed so I will dedicate a post of this subject, but for now I will let you read all about this weeks weekend prompt.

Tea : a drink prepared from the dried leaves or buds of a plant infused in water.

Being both British and Indian I often feel that it is tea that runs through my veins not blood. Today we are often rushing around and a cup of tea is a rushed event. If you travel the globe you will find that tea is part of ceremony and ritual and given great importance, something more than a quick drink to warm our cockles.

This weekend your prompt is to make a pot of tea. Stop whatever else you are doing and just enjoy the process of making and drinking the tea.

Here is a list of low level activity you could do whilst you enjoy your tea.

  • gaze out of the window
  • leaf through a magazine
  • listen to a podcast
  • look at the pictures in a beautiful book

Often when we fully stop our minds can have a moment to be free of thinking about plans, lists, and worries, that is when it comes up with its best ideas.

Bon weekend mes amies

January 24, 2019