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Last week I encouraged you all to take time to make a pot of tea and this week the prompt is read a magazine, something that would go very well with the whole pot of tea vibe.

When I was in my 20s, all footloose and fancy free I really enjoyed spending the whole weekend mooching through the papers. Today not so much, mostly because the papers have changed, fact and opinion have become blurred and political bias is far too depressing and that is not how we can unwind at the weekend.

slow living embrace the weekend read a magazine

Magazines are not just spaces filled with unobtainable body shapes anymore there are so many publications out there now, many of them are non gender specific and they cater for all manner of reading tastes.

Two weeks ago I launched my own digital magazine. No this prompt is not a shameless plug but it is a good read.

This weekend don’t just leaf through and look at the pictures, pop some cosy socks on and read a magazine cover to cover.

Here is a list of my suggestions of ones you could try.

bon weekend