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the best gifts to give a new mum #gift guide http://www.archieandtherug.com/
After you have had one baby you are more clued up to what you want and what you need, but guess what no one else is. It is a strange time as many, if not all of the people giving you gifts on the arrival of your new baby will have been through the same thing yet they forget. I have done it myself. It is like when a baby is born and we suffer some sort of temporary memory loss and get driven by marketing and media and gift little outfits, endless blankets, and worst of all stuffed animals. I had so many outfits that Sebastian never got round to wearing, more blankets than I have bedding for our own bed and I have already cleared out toys that he has no attachment to.
The other truth that gets ignored when a new baby arrives is that the wise and wonderful woman that you once were becomes invisible and you are a milk bar, a mother, a cleaner, a teacher etc etc…
Sebastian was born in Paris, and in France pregnancy is very different, I was treated like a queen, you never queue and about 5 people stand up to give you a seat every time you get on the bus. The attitude post birth is that you are a woman then you are a mother. People often talked to me about how I was, if I had time for me. So I am suggesting that next time you want to get a gift for a new baby you get a gift for mum instead, after all a happy mummy means a happy baby. To help you along here is my wishlist
the best gifts to give a new mum #gift guide http://www.archieandtherug.com/


the best gifts to give a new mum #gift guide http://www.archieandtherug.com/

Travel Mug – Make sure it has a stainless steel interior not plastic as plastic make your tea taste funny. The number of times as a mum you make a tea only to watch it go cold, trust me this is so practical.

Cashmere Socks – These will feel so comforting on the feet of a tired mother.
Lap Tray – When you are stuck in bed breastfeeding it might be nice to have a laptop tray so you can indulge in a movie or have breakfast delivered to you. I like this one as it has space that can hold magazines.
Magazines – Speaking of magazines my brain was not up to reading a novel but I could just about handle a magazine article.
Graze Box – Chocolates are a big no for me post birth. For two reasons, the first is I felt really body conscious but more more importantly I was exhausted and the last thing I needed was a sugar crash. Having instant nibbles for breastfeeding this time round is high on my wishlist
Essentials Basket – In mine I want dry shampoo, Younique serum, and a selection of Lush products. There are companies that put together baskets like this that you can mail order such as Don’t Buy Her Flowers
Hair Treatment Candle – So when I do get time for a bath I want this candle. It will smell wonderful and it will be nice to give my hair a treatment. I got so upset last time when it fell out and lost all of the shine.
Alcohol – Since the myth of pump and dump has been debunked it is okay to have a drink and breastfeed it might be nice to have a small drink. As I don’t plan to down a whole bottle of prosecco a nice bottle of spiced rum or st germain is on my list, something I can enjoy over time.
Cheese Hamper – A basket of unpasturised cheese. If you are non veggie you can stick any meaty things you have not been allowed to eat in there.
Earrings – Jewellery in general as you don’t get the luxury of buying new clothes yet but if anyone really fancies spoiling me jewellery.

If you are buying for a mum who is on her first child box sets would be a really good gift for those long hours of breastfeeding. Nothing with loud scary noises as babies hear all of that. If they have a toddler at home, as I will that is a pointless gift as your time will not be your own. A freezer fill is another great gift but please make sure you make stuff that they will like. You could always buy Cook Vouchers. I am very lucky to have a good friend who runs a much more bespoke and personal version of Cook called Taste The Love, Sarah will work with you to create meals that suit your family and your dietary requirements. I plan to get her to fill my freezer with high energy, tasty food that will start my weight loss journey. If you are in the Greater Manchester area and beyond you are in her catchment for a freezer fill and I cannot recommend her food enough.

the best gifts to give a new mum #gift guide http://www.archieandtherug.com/