Make Your Own Christmas Jumper – 20 Fun & Easy Projects


Christmas just wouldn’t be the same without a kitsch novelty knit. Now you can make your own with these, fast, easy, no-knit ideas for one-of-a-kind Christmas jumpers.

Once the sort of embarrassing gift you’d only get from your granny, these days seasonal patterned knitwear has gone well and truly mainstream. Whether it’s for charity, the office party, the kids’ nativity or the big day itself, an ironic Christmas jumper is the only thing to be seen in.

With the trend growing each year, it’s increasingly difficult to be original. Unless, of course, you make your own. This jolly little book shows you how. Taking any plain jumper as your starting point, you’ll find 20 easy and inspiring ways to transform it into a one-of-a-kind Christmas creation, needing little more than a few simple materials, a spare hour or two, and a bit of festive cheer.

With all styles covered – be it glitzy and glam, twee and tasteless, laugh-out-loud or cute as a button – you’re sure to find your perfect Christmas look, not to mention all the sequins, pompoms and twinkly lights your heart could desire. So whether you choose to deck yourself in boughs of holly, wrap yourself up with a big shiny bow, or transform into a human snow globe, these fun festive ideas will earn you top marks for creativity and are guaranteed to get Christmas started in style.Fill


Filled with 20 fun and easy projects you can make in a day. You can even get the kids involved.


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