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What I Wore – Jeans & Great Shoes

I have written before about my search for great jeans saga and whilst these are not sexy skinny jeans I think they are great and they are comfy and I think I look okay in them so win. I also managed to this shoot in the the most wonderful spot Porth Wen, the place I want to take all photos from here on out.

I have to say when it comes to clothing that I have gone through various stages of finding ‘my style’ I think it is safe to say I don’t have one and I am happy with that. What I have found is the confidence to wear a variety of styles as long I as feel comfortable with the way I look. I think it can take a while to get to a stage where you are like hey I wear what I like, I dress for me but I am here now and that is a good place to be in.

August 27, 2016