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Since the digital age so many memories become lot on hard drives. In my latest laptop panic I was embarking on another move of photos from one place to another place ad infinitum. Please tell me I am not the only person who finds it impossible to come up with a labeling system for photos that is fool proof.

So I found these images that I had all but forgotten about just after we had repeated the same weekend this year. When I say the same weekend we gave it our best shot but the rain and storms did alter the activities somewhat. No picnic on Troopers Hill to watch the balloons travel by, despite the incredibly wet weather lots of fun was had, but this post is a flashback to sunshine and a tiny Humphrey.

Bristol is one of our spiritual homes. It is where Joe grew up. I lived there for a short time. My best friends live there, in fact almost our entire social circle. All in all it is a special city for us, it is just a special city.

Bristol is not a huge city, although if you sit in traffic there, and you will, it will feel big, but you can actually be in the countryside in no time at all. That being said there are still many many green spaces within the city limits. Excuse me whilst I hit pause and dance around the room singing Nutbush City Limits! Windmill Hill City Farm is just one of the resources that keep Bristol feeling like it straddles city and rural life.

windmill hill city farm bristol windmill hill city farm bristol I can’t get over how young Sebastian looks in these photos, not that five and half he old and jaded but it always astounds me how I don’t see him as aging seeing him daily I just don’t see it until I look back like this.

It is always hit and miss when it comes to seeing balloons ascend, even a slight wind can be an issue to a balloon, or so I am told I have zero knowledge on hot air balloons. That year we were lucky. We were staying with our besties and the couple we are bequeathing our children too if the worst happens. They live in St George so we made our way to Troopers Hill with a hopeful optimism for Sunday evening and we were rewarded. It is not the best photograph but I have discovered taking photographs of hot air balloons is actually quite hard.

August 14, 2019
September 5, 2019