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So after two trips to Croatia I finally managed to visit Zagreb, they say third time is a charm. like with everywhere else I have been in Croatia Zagreb is beautiful, full of history and really kind of cool.
The street above, Ivica i Marica may look tranquil here but this was taken on a Sunday morning. Saturday night it was filled with locals and tourists alike. There is a real promenading culture in Croatia and the nightlife is family friendly, not filled with drunken shouting, or fighting, or broken heels. We went on a whim to a restaurant called Hansel & Gretel and it turned out to be such a happy accident. Everything was wonderful from the food to the wine recommendations, food choices for veges and non veges alike.
With a baby to get ready in the morning the decision to stay close to the airport in Pleso. It was a beautiful quiet little suburb and a really nice escape from hustle and bustle for baby time. The added bonus was getting the opportunity to photograph this stunning wooden chapel, The Chapel Of The Wounded Jesus erected in 1758. It is hard to believe from this picture it was a five minute walk from the runway of an international airport.
 I love a good roof scape and these two featuring St Mark’s Church were ideal with the deep blue sky.
The cathedral, dating back to 1093, as well as being quite breathtaking, the white stone against a blue sky, it also had a fascinating history which is why it is undergoing an intensive face lift, as you can see from the scaffolding below.
The area was invaded in 1242 and again at the end of the 15th century. Croatia was part of the former Yugoslavia, during the communist regime the Catholic church were not allowed to spend money to maintain buildings. Needless to say they fell into disrepair. The extent of this is highlighted in the picture below. The renovation project is huge, they are slowly replacing each individual stone.
In 1880 Zagreb was hit by an earthquake and the clock stopped and the time it stopped at remains today on an outer wall.
The outer buildings of the complex are still used by the clergy and nuns live in some of them.
All in all Zagreb was a huge hit. As walking huge distances in the heat of the day with a small baby is not really a sensible option much of the city was left unexplored, a good enough reason to go back I feel.