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5 Tips For Creating A Vignette At Home

So let me pull back the curtain and let you in on some blogger secrets. Okay so we are not the magic circle but we do have our ways and we don’t live in perfect houses, in fact some (most) days there is a high chance that I could be crushed under the weight of my ironing pile. One thing we bloggers do have is the ability to see with a bloggers eye, or through a lens. The great thing about sharing life through a lens is that you get to edit out the mammoth ironing pile and any other less desirable elements of your home.
So what is the point of creating a vignette in your home if you are not a blogger? Well you may be a designer/maker and one of the best ways to photograph your lovely products is to set it within a story so that people can see how it might look in their own home. Another great reason is because they look nice. I don’t know anyone who says their house is finished, not really, there are always tweeks to be made, large and small, but it can look great on the way. Creating vignettes is a great way to dress a shelf or change up the decor in a space without getting the paint brushes out. Now we have discussed the benefits let me share my tips with you.
  1. SHOP YOUR HOME – Even if you are not a self confessed hoarder like me there will be items in your house that you can display. Old books, a shell from the beach, a gift your child has made for you. When placed in the right grouping any item can be made to shine.
  2. ODD NUMBERS ARE KEY – This is a standard rule for the aesthetics of life. One, three, five, seven, is visually stronger than two, four, eight. I don’t know why it just is.
  3. VARY THE HEIGHTS & DEPTHS – By having objects that do not sit neatly in a row it is more interesting to the eye.
  4. BE BOLD – You should at least one thing that stands out, more than one if you are styling a larger space. Build your vignette around this item. It could be bold because of colour or shape. In the case of my fish vase it is bold on two counts. The vase was c/o Joy, their site has clothes and gifts. The home and gift section is filled with beautiful affordable statement pieces to make your vignettes pop. 
  5. THINK ABOUT TEXTURES – Varying the textures adds interest to the eye. I paired the high gloss glaze on my vase with muted faded papers of old books and the rough texture on the box brownie camera.