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5 Ways To Make Your Bed The Best Bed

missoni home cushions
The nights are closing in and don’t wish you could hibernate through the winter, of course you can wake up for the holidays. Our bed is the most attractive place to be on the cold days but I am going to share with you my tips for how to make your bed a luxurious place to hibernate.

1. Go Large! Your bed has just warmed up you are drifting off to a deep sleep and the duvet has moved only to leave a cold spot. Buy a duvet that is larger than you need. You would be surprised at the difference a king size duvet on a double bed makes to warmth. If you are in a relationship it will also cut down on duvet hogging arguments as there will be more than enough to go around. Aesthetically it just looks a bit luxurious too which is always a bonus for the interior savvy among you 
scatter cushions
2. Get Cushions. If you are like me then you will have watched more than one situation comedy in your lifetime, even if it was against your will. In most ‘sit coms’ the writers like to perpetuate and over exaggerate gender stereotypes and one of the over used ones that I have seen is cushion comedy. According to comedy writers men do not comprehend cushions on a bed and women are addicted to them but fail to see how pointless they are. I will now end this argument cushions are not pointless, when you are sitting up in bed a pillow is not sufficient padding to make it comfortable. You need small cushions that you can moved around yourself and prop behind your head to form and safe comfy reading cocoon. Now we have laid that to rest once and for all I can tell you that the cushions you see here were c/o Sofa Sofa and Missoni Home. They can be used on a sofa, chair or bed, they are nice and firm whilst still being squishy. follow the link above to see the full range of fabrics and prices.
linen sheets
3. Be Natural. If you can avoid synthetic bedclothes or synthetic blends do so. They feel horrid and they don’t last as long and they make you sweaty. The truth is pure cotton is not cheap nor is linen. My tip is head down to TKMAXX or a similar store as you can get pure cotton and linen there for a fraction of the cost, (it’s what I do). I also discovered that John Lewis do a basics range that is not half bad and not too expensive. So it may be worth shopping around.
knitted hot water bottle cover
4. Pre-warm. I have a number of friends who have electric blankets and would not live without them. The idea is you put it on, it warms the bed. You turn it off and slip into warmed sheets, remember to take all of the precautions necessary for using an electrical item. I co sleep with my little one so it is not recommended to have an electric blanket so I adopt an old school method; fill hot water bottle, place where my feet will be, slip into warmed foot area.

ceramic lamp

5. Get The Right Lamp. When you choose a bedside lamp it is important to remember that at some point you will slouch down and many lamps leave you with a harsh light in your new lowered slouchy eye line. In my experience a bright light in your eye is not the best for a relaxing hibernation. One way to combat this is to choose a lamp that diffuses the light such as a ceramic lamp.

There you have it my guide to make the best of your bed. Happy hibernation!

November 7, 2015