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A Countdown To Christmas

ultimate guide to christmas

So it is December 1st and there is a lot to do but if you followed my November Christmas guide you will be well on your way.

1st – 7th December:

  • Make your Christmas pudding, you can find a great recipe here.
  • Put up your decorations.
  • Choose and cut your tree at a local farm if you are choosing a real tree.
  • Put up your tree.
  • Write your Christmas cards.
  • Make gift tags.
guide to real christmas trees

8th – 14th December:

  • Wrap your Christmas gifts, make an event of it by putting on some Christmas tunes, warming up the mulled wine and sitting in front of the tree to do so. There are great tips on gift wrapping here and here.
  • Post your Christmas cards, remember to check your final posting days.
  • Place your order at the butchers.
  • Make your Christmas crackers. 
  • Pre-assemble gifts, this is normally children’s toys. The sooner the better, in case there is an issue you will have time to complain and swap your items.
  • Make sure all your spare bedding is ready for visitors, replace really old horrid pillows.  
fresh mistletoe

15th – 21st December

  • Make your edible Christmas decorations, any gingerbread houses, tree biscuits.
  • Remove all the twistie ties and add batteries to children’s toys – trust me you want to do it now not at 5am Christmas morning. 
  • Thread your popcorn and cranberries.
  • Do your last grocery shop. Leave vegetable buying to as late in the week as you can.
  • Make sure you have light bulbs and painkillers in the house, basic but essential.
  • Christmas wrapping round 2 (let’s face it one session is never enough).

22nd December

  • Make up the guest beds (look out for my post on making your guests extra welcome).
  • Put marzipan on your cake. 

23rd December 

  • Ice your Christmas cake.
  • Collect your meat from the butcher.   

24th December

  • Prepare as much food as you can today – I will be sharing a post on this soon. xo 
  • Relax with the family, play games, drink and be merry.
  • Watch It’s A Wonderful Life (my hometown shows this every Christmas Eve at the cinema).
  • Set the table for Christmas lunch. 
  • Go to bed early so Santa can visit!
Christmas isn’t all work work work, far from it. The fact is I enjoy the preparation, even the dull jobs like grocery shopping or sorting through the bedding box. Suddenly the mundane tasks are shiny and filled with festive anticipation, but the more organised you are the more time you have to go to a carol service, watch Christmas movies and play games. It can be stressful especially if you have a child or children who wander through the house undoing everything as you do it. If you feel that you are losing your patience or getting stressed, (and you will we are all human), stop take a deep breath and think Christmas is about children and family and if you are getting mad at them you have lost focus. I am a blogger so naturally perfection runs deep in my veins but perfection is not just about how a thing looks, that is, in fact a very small part of it. Perfection is more about the memories you make on the way. Let the mini people be involved, it will take longer but it will be nicer. Sebastian is only 23months, (just) and I get him involved in most things; hey let’s go and make the beds up translates to giggling while I shake the duvet over his head repeatedly, let’s go and make some biscuits translates to everyone and the dog covered in flour and odd shaped gingerbread angels, let’s write the cards means everyone gets a strange drawing. Mostly all things are a success because we did them together.
November 29, 2015
December 9, 2015